Main goals of RENABI GRISBI are to strengthen the RENABI bioinformatics experts team and to federate the computing resources of the French bioinformatics platforms in a distributed Research Infrastructure devoted to serving the Bioinformatics community at the national level. GRISBI is the infrastructure activity of the French RENABI network (Réseau National des plate-formes de Bioinformatique, that is coordinating the thirteen national Bioinformatics centers. 


Christophe BLANCHET
Christophe CARON

The GRISBI infrastructure is a joined initiative between six French bioinformatics platforms: PRABI Lyon, GenOuest Rennes and Roscoff, CBiB Bordeaux, BIPS Strasbourg, CIB Lille, MIGALE Jouy-en-Josas. GRISBI has been labelled  IBISA National Platform for 2008-2010.

GRISBI is financially supported by the RENABI Network, the IBISA initiative (National coordination of the Infrastructures in Biology, Health and Agronomy) and by the French “Institut des Grilles” (National coordination of French GRID initiatives).